Fulfilling Business: 
Feels GOOD
Sense of purpose
High Profit for the time spent
Benefits others
Shares one of your talents/skills/gifts with the world

Bad business:
No sense of purpose
Annoying everyone with a MLM
Feels bad (like barely anyone reading your blog)
Requires YEARS to execute properly (like an online business)
Makes peanuts

A truly fulfilling business is one that you enjoy and brings you a sense of purpose. It makes you feel goooood about yourself. 

That is the KEY trait of a fulfilling business:

It makes YOU feel GOOD! 

You get to use your skills/talents/gifts and put them out in the world, sharing your uniqueness while helping others…

AND making THEIR lives better.

We’re talking about a High Profit (per time spent) business. It feels freaking amazing to make your own income again while sharing your skills/talents/gifts with your clients. 

You know what doesn’t feel fulfilling?

Working your ass off for peanuts doing something you don’t enjoy. 

Bad advice doesn’t take into account just how talented and how much we have to offer the world. It tells moms to work for peanuts doing things like MLM, child care, or wasting their time trying to start online businesses that are statistically very likely to fail.

… And the truth is that people value what they pay for a lot more than what they get stuff for free. So you’re actually helping them MORE. 

Plus with your independent income you can CHOOSE to DONATE to causes you believe in for the double fulfilment whammy like I do. 

You feel amazing helping your clients while getting paid.

You feel amazing donating a portion of that $.

Double FULFILLMENT! Oh Yeah!!  

How can you tell you’re building a fulfilling business?

Fulfillment is all about taking YOURSELF and sharing your skills/talents/gifts with the WORLD and RECONNECTING to that part of YOURSELF that was YOU before YOU ever became a mom.

It’s still being Mom first, AND stepping into that individual YOU that always existed and has been put on the backburner for way too long now.

YOU can feel amazing generating a solid income while doing something you truly find enjoyable. 

Fulfillment and income while being Mom first.

You DESERVE to feel GOOD!

Mom First Always!