Hi fabulous Mom, I know you’re busy and don’t have time to waste…

So, I’m going to be super straight forward and give you the secret straight away.

Starting with a skill, talent, or gift you already have is the best shortcut you can take to starting a business. I mean it!

Instead of starting an online business in blogs, vlogs, content, online marketing, MLM, etc… 

That require you to master creating websites, funnels, ad campaigns, writing endless copy, creative designs, making webinars, social media, SEO (if you even know what that is), running challenges, creating freebies, HTML proficient, and more.  

All of this shit takes years to learn and put into practice.   

Let’s take YouTube. You’ll need 10,000 subscribers BEFORE you can even earn a single penny! So what that means for you is countless hours of filming and editing before you even have the CHANCE to MONETIZE. 


But YOU already have the skill/talent/gift necessary to start a rewarding, High Profit Business. Yeah, it’s totally true!

The KEY is to find the intersection of one of your skills/talents/gifts and measure it on the Profitability Index to make sure it will be both FULFILLING and bring in MONEY. 

If you don’t enjoy it, why do it at all, right?

That’s the FASTEST way to Nail your Right Business Idea and quickly on your way to fulfilment and independent income while staying Mom first!